September 26, 2010

go big or go home

i know you loved her more than anything. i know you wanted her life to be as amazing at it could be. i know that you struggled. i know that you fought.

i know that you lost..... but at least you fought.

i thought about you last night.

i fought for you last night.

i cried for you last night.

in a normal state of mind i will never understand. how idiotic for someone to say your actions were selfish. they obviously didn't know you. even though those of us who were close to you know you were acting selflessly, we still wish you were here fighting...

one thing i kept hearing during the Out of the Darkness walk was "Go big or go home!... thats what Jamie would have said!" it finally hit me...

you felt like you could no longer go big, so you went home.

btw, i used a head-light all weekend while camping in memory of you and i now have a sheetz mug too... but only one.