August 13, 2012


I hate the guy sitting next to me. Well, maybe hate is a strong word and poorly applied in this situation, however I really don't like him. It is very difficult to explain why I don't like him, I just don't. All the girls, on the other hand somehow love him. He's nice, and always smiling but there is something about him that makes me despise him. Have you ever met somebody that you simply could not read? Somebody that is so good at being the nice guy but deep down you know he's probably murdered someone and has gotten away with it. That is this guy. I have no reason to not like this person at all and yet I do. It scares me to be honest. I feel like I can read people pretty well, except this guy. Maybe I don't read people quite as well as I thought and in that case this whole perception is null.

So here I sit at the bar writing and drinking as our subject (we'll refer to him as Guy) enters the pub. Guy arrives alone and chooses the seat next to me to settle. Since he is alone and I am obviously busy on my computer he decides to chit chat with the cute bartender while flashing that smile of his. We've all seen a smile like Guy's, a smile that haunts you. It's his lure of choice while fishing for attention. First he'll scan the room looking for some female prey and then BOOM, out comes the smile. Dangling it in front of those helpless little girls and suddenly they forget how to pronounce their own name. It's quite gruesome and yet impressive at the same time. National Geographic should put his smile on their cover and it would be one of the most influential images ever. One by one these helpless girls buckle. It disgusts me to watch Guy work. What are his motives?

I've come to the conclusion that Guy is either really good at hiding who he really is or he simply is nothing more than some good looking bait. Once the bait is taken the only thing left is the hook even though Guy never seems to keep his hook in anyone. This leads me to believe he is hiding something. What a horrible thing to do! Why even bother with the facade? One would think that pretending all the time would become too much work and at some point the truth would reveal itself, but not in this case. I've never seen someone so mysterious and it bothers me. Whether or not it should is a separate conversation, but it does.

After a quick meal and a beer or two Guy decides to pay his tab and leave. I am no longer on edge and decide to put my laptop away since I don't have to appear busy anymore. So here I sit, alone, scanning the room to catch someone to smile at.