November 10, 2011


I am finally getting back to my blog again and apologize for the week of silence.  My schedule has been quite busy lately and I have simply been too tired to stay up and write after I get back from dinner each night.  This week has become the Goliath of the tour so far.  We started off this week setting up in Houston, TX this past Sunday followed by two days of shows.  After the final show on Tuesday we broke down all the equipment and began loading the semi-trailer in the dark.  Everything was going well until it started pouring rain making the ramps VERY slippery and coworkers frustrated.  One of our team members, Marco was injured while some of the other guys were loading the ramps into the truck.  His ankle got bumped into pretty good and got pretty swollen.  He rode in my rental van with a few other team members as we left Houston to drive to Dallas that night.  We got to the hotel around 11:45pm and settled in.  Marco hobbled to his room which was right next to mine.  Wednesday morning we left the hotel lobby at 8:45 and made the 2 minute drive to the Texas Motor Speedway to set up all of our gear, meanwhile Marco went to the clinic and got checked out.  Good news that he just bruised it and there is no major damage because he is a good worker and a fun guy to have around.  We finished setting up all the gear and headed back to the hotel.  A few of us needed to make a laundry run so we headed towards Keller, TX and found a nice laundromat to clean our nasty ass skivvies.  This was my very first time in a laundromat and I must say, it was a nice experience.  I was informed that this pleasantness was a rarity and not to expect the same at the next place.  We finished drying our garments and departed on a mission for food.  We ended up at a place called Up In Smoke.  Obviously from the name they serve smoked meats and goodies of the sort.  The food was pretty good and apparently the women's bathroom was quite interesting.  I am going on the word of the females here and not from personal experience.  We licked our plates and paid our bills and headed back to the hotel.  All in all the tour is going well and I have enjoyed the people i work with.