July 10, 2011

Philly Day 1


I decided to enjoy the 2 weeks prior to leaving for Philadelphia for the new job.  I had a fantastic time hanging out with a bunch of friends, going to a Tiger's game, bonfires, mountain biking and a whole bunch of other things.  I am going to miss all of that while I am away.  However I will be keeping you all up to date on what is happening while I am on the road... er in the air.  So hold on tight, cuz here we go!


I started my trip off just like every other excursion I've ever endeavored with last minute packing.  I literally took clothes out of the dryer, folded them, put them in the suitcase and walked out the door.  I forgot nail clippers.  It took me 35 minutes to drive to the airport and another 35 to check in, go through security and get to my gate.  I'm a pro at this traveling stuff.  We boarded the plane and waited.. and waited.  Ends up some of our baggage hadn't been loaded yet and the pilot kept apologizing over the PA.  "Sorry folks, this is not acceptable.  I would encourage you to send some emails to Delta voicing any frustration with the delay."  So that's what I am going to do.  Maybe I can get something out of it.  We finally took off and the flight was nice and problem free.  well.. almost.

The girl seated at my right was wearing long jean shorts and I quickly noticed her leg hairs were longer than mine.  This was gross.  Especially because plane seating is tight and I'm a big guy.

It was only a matter of time until our legs made contact in a 

I landed and quickly made my way to the baggage claim to find my suitcase on the belt right then.  Perfect.  I was set to go.  Shuttle to the rental car place, drive off in a brand new Impala with Betsy.  Betsy is a very nice woman whom I'll be working with for a few days.  After a 45min drive we arrived at the Holiday Inn Express in King of Prussia, PA.  This is a nice hotel.  I have my own suite with two large HD LCD tvs, couch, table, fridge, and two air conditioners.  I can get used to this.  The entire team is staying at the same hotel so it is easy to get to know everyone.  Everyone decided to go grab a quick bite, however the only place in walking distance was Hooters.  gross.  The food is NOT good and I'm not much for the..."scenery".  I ordered carry-out and spent the last couple hours in the hotel room getting settled in.

Tomorrow I will go to Wal-Mart and stock the fridge with healthy dinner and breakfast stuff. 

I have to be down in the hotel lobby at 6:45am to meet up with everyone and head to the production site.  My team will be unloading all the trucks and getting all of the gear opened and start setting up.  I will be assisting the head a/v tech for the next few days.  Pilot show is this Tuesday!

I will be updating my blog every night of my tour.