December 1, 2009

off the record.. on the floor

i got up for work at 7:30. drove 2.25 hrs to my case. grabbed my video camera to take an opening shot and the battery was off of it. replaced battery, and had to reset all the settings on the camera since it resets when the battery is removed. popped in a tape to take opening shot and got a flashing error from cam that my video head is dirty. used cleaning tape #1... didn't work. used cleaning tape #2... didn't work. drove to CVS to get new cleaner. didn't have it. drove to wal-mart. no good. drove to a radio shack... that didn't exist. ended up using both tapes and ran them both all the way through. somehow it worked. (which is bad for the camera, so says the instructions on the tapes) drove back to my case. missed my subject arriving at his location. . . . . then i waited. . . . . subject exits and walks to an area where i have no way to pick him up. spot check his address, no good. check a second address... no good. finally get a good address and there is no place to sit and watch and wait. break off and drive 2.25 hrs home.

i want to nap, but cannot.

some time tonight, i have to take my shitty amount of shitty video to the office and write up notes about it. planning on meeting up with mike and dom to sit in on a few songs at open mic at Wellington Pub in Troy. we'll see what happens.

i have to drive my ass out to Sparta tomorrow (another 2.5 hrs away)
and hopefully follow the right person around for 8hrs.

i look forward to my next date with the corner table at Starbucks.


  1. How did you get the camera working? You left it at "drove to a radio shack.. that didn't exist." Where did you find a cleaning tape?

  2. Hahaha you should click on my name.

  3. I enjoy reading your blog ... I promise to write more soon. You are very talented, hang in there!