July 12, 2011


im currently sitting in the philly international airport waiting to board my flight home.  there are a few problems with this and a few good things about it.  the good thing is that im gunna be home for a few more days and fly out to L.A. this sunday.  they cut me early because i no longer needed to be there hanging around.  i got everything i needed to know and they said i am all set and ready for L.A.   that means confidence... IN ME!  it was definitely great to hear.  the few bad things about this is that it is 2:37pm and i am waiting for my plane that is scheduled to board at 6:06pm.  yeah, i'll be waiting here for four hours.  but wait, there's more!  when i checked in the "checker-inner-guy" said the flight is running an hour behind!  WOOHOO!  so here i am, for five hours, waiting for my rocket to come.  (jason mraz reference there)  at least i'll have plenty of time to finish all my invoicing and get some notes together for L.A.  please feel free to call me if you'd like, i could use the conversation!  :)  take care everyone

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  1. Geez, that is a LONG wait...but you will get some amazing people watching done! The "checker inner guy" that cracked me up! You nailed the job, that is awesome! I pray it continues to be rewarding for you. Maybe you should just take a random picture over your shoulder and then post a blog about the photo...you know, make up a story and such. P.S. You are adorable.