July 19, 2011

still standing.

well folks, day one is over and i am relaxing in my beautiful hotel room once again.  it was a very long day.  left the hotel at 7am, unloaded the tents and outside stuff in the 1 million square foot lot, then headed inside and started unloading all the main room and break-out room and registration equipment.  i then proceeded to set up the projectors and get them dialed in then moved onto the audio side of things.  hooked up the main audio rack, mixer and FM transmitter and set up all my speakers and sub.  tested it out and....... perfect.  sounds fantastic.  on to the lights.  i raised the tree and hooked the dimmer board up and.... nothing.  boo.  so i lowered the lights down and decided i should probably open all the shutters on each light.  haha... silly me.  as i was adjusting one of the LEKOs, the back fell off and broke the bulb.  "son of a...."  someone forgot to tighten the back plate of the light thus resulting in me picking up shards of glass and bleeding.  that's when i decided to go get my gloves on.  timing is everything.  before we know it, it's noon and time for lunch.  we had a "walking lunch" which means we get to leave the property and fend for ourselves.  so four of us hopped in my rental car and made it a "driving lunch".  went to a roadside mexican place and ate some very good food.  mmmm  it was awesome.  they had three different juices in large "pour-your-own" jugs for you to try.  watermelon, cantaloupe, and pineapple.  OH MY GOSH!!!  those were SO good.  tasted just like biting into the fruit.  super refreshing and delicious.  we finished devouring our meals and went back to work.  around 4:30pm the tour leader started sending all the hired hands away and i was hurrying to finish up.  the tour leader (used to have my current position) then helped me out for the last hour and we knocked out the three break-out rooms.  each room as their own little sound system and plasma with laptop.  everything went pretty well and i can't wait to start the day tomorrow.  all i'll have to do is power everything up, test it, and chill.  mmmm.... love my job.  of course if something goes wrong i'll have to actually DO something.  but that's okay, it will break up my day nicely! :)  i will be uploading the before and after pics so you can see how much we actually set up.  it's quite impressive for a day's work.  im about to go to bed so i'll see you all tomorrow.

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