August 19, 2011

...drag horse bag

we got to do our presentation at Retama Park in Selma, Texas.  Selma is not known for anything except for the horse racing at Retama Park.  this was my first time at a horse track and i must say, it is pretty neat.  i got to watch the trainers work on the horses around the track every day.  it was also VERY hot.  before i left for texas i had multiple people tell me, "oh don't worry, texas is a dry heat."  ..... funny.  averaging temps of 108 while i was there and humid as can be.  worse than any humidity i've experienced in michigan, ever.  at 6am i walked out of the hotel room and was surprised that it was still dark outside.  and that i was instantly soaked from sweating.  ugh.  walking to the car was annoying.  OH, forgot to mention that the main room of our show was NOT air conditioned.  but don't mind me, i'll just sit over in my little "oven-like" corner amongst the three laptops, one reference monitor and dual audio rack filled with amps and whatnot.  it is easily ten degrees warmer where i have to hang out.  we got it done though.  take the good cities with the bad i guess.  i also got a chance to drive the Chevy Volt on the closed course out in the parking lot.  it handles remarkably well.  pretty good acceleration and comfortable to drive.  it totally blows the Toyota Prius out of the water.  too bad it's 40K, and you can get a standard camero for that price.  

our drive team consists of several professional drivers who judge and enter drifting and racing competitions.  pretty cool stuff if you ask me.  just don't ask the rental cars they choose.  those usually end up on a make-shift drifting track until the tires can't take anymore.  and i mean literally, sometimes i wonder how they even get them back to the airport on the rubberbands that are left on them.

i just bought some new luggage from amazon.  a rolling duffle bag-like piece.  my current one is 10yrs old and starting to come apart.  plus it's always nice to have something new.  a little self spoiling never hurt anyone.  OH YEAH, and i can write it off come tax time.  bitchin.

the last few days that i have been home after san antonio i have been writing some acoustic stuff.  got a few good progressions and ideas for songs.  very excited about them actually.  

i also have been looking into what it would take to become a cop and hopefully later a homicide detective.  i was stuck on the idea that i needed a criminal justice degree before i could even get started.  well, that's not true.  in fact a friend told me that experience is everything and to simply go to academy and get started.  another friend suggested i try to get into the oakland county jail and work there for a few years THEN go to academy.  because they'll pay for it!  sounds good to me.   there's a waiting list.  so.... we'll see.

which brings me to my next point.....  gotta love a good segue.

i have to learn to love running.... this might be the most difficult thing i've ever done.  it is the fastest way to drop weight and tone up.  damn food... tastes so good.

so i'll keep you updated on my progress... if any! :)

if you have any ideas or tips on how to "enjoy" running please let me know.  i REALLY want this to work.  i was also thinking that i need to do video updates once a week posting weight and measurements so that everyone can see the results.  plus the support from all my friends and family would be a fantastic driving force.

tomorrow i fly out to St. Louis, MO.  i'll be staying at a nice hotel and the venue where our presentation will be held is super nice.  i'll update once i get back.  peace.


  1. How did I miss this post? Lots of great conversation items in this one...

  2. im not sure how you missed it. i figured your "spidey-sense" would go off as soon as i posted it. ;)